About the Company


Fulcrum Theatre is a Hamilton-based company of young performers, theatre technicians and creators. Fulcrum was founded in 2011 by Devin France, Ndola Hutton, Aaron Jan, Evan Mulrooney and Nick Tiringer with the mandate to create high-quality, youth-driven theatre that relies on storytelling to reach audiences.

Our first production, Breathe at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, to great success. Last summer, we participated in the Hamilton Fringe Festival with Drafts, which we also remounted (featuring the work of the dancers of To the Pointe) alongside our mainstage production of Antigone. This year, we will be participating in both the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals with an original script, entitled “Here.”


Aaron Aaron Jan – Artistic Director

Aaron Jan is an emerging Hamilton-based director and playwright, entering his third year of Theatre Studies at York University studying Devised Theatre and Playwriting. Aaron is an alumnus of the Paprika Festival, Canadian Stage’s Innovator’s Program and Theatre Aquarius’ Summer Performance Program and is interested in experimenting with different forms of audience immersion and their relationship to the stage. Directing credits include: Antigone (Fulcrum), Drafts (Hamilton Fringe/Paprika Festival), Breathe (Fulcrum) and Enter Alice (Blackboxfire).

Evan Evan Mulrooney – General Manager

Evan Mulrooney is a recent graduate of the Dramatic Arts program at Brock University. Evan has worked as an actor, producer and technician with Fulcrum since the very beginning. Evan is interested in the development of new texts and original work. Acting credits include: Colours in the Storm (Tom Thomson/Brock Connections), Orpheus Descending (Jabe/Brock U.), Titus Andronicus (Aaron/Empty Box Theatre).

Nick Nick Tiringer – Technical Producer

Nick is a second-year Film student at Ryerson University. As a co-founder and producer at Fulcrum, Nick has developed audio/video components of each every production. Nick is currently based out of Toronto and is interested in exploring the interplay between film and stage. Previous credits at Fulcrum include: Set Design/Construction for Antigone and Video Design for Drafts.

Ndola Ndola Hutton – Technical Director

Ndola Hutton is a Hamilton native currently studying BFA Theatre Production and Design at the University of British Columbia. A co-founding member of Fulcrum, Ndola is passionate about spreadsheets, sloths, and Dawson’s Creek. Previous credits include stage managing the Festival Dionysia (UBC Player’s Club), Antigone, Drafts and Breathe (Fulcrum Theatre). ASM credits include Blood Relations, Dancing at Lughnasa, and Spoils of Troy (Theatre at UBC). Ndola will also be stage managing Here at the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals this summer.

Devin Devin France – Producer

Devin France is a third year English student at McMaster University. This year he was Hart in McMaster’s Major Fall production of Unity (1918). Devin looks forward to another great year of Fulcrum Theatre’s production team, and can be seen in the Hamilton Fringe show Jamie’s Gone (Broken Soil Theatre) this summer.


“This is a complete presentation with all elements working at their fullest capacity. Sound, lighting, and set design show distinction and skill. There is a sense of blocking for visual balance which shows clearly artistic choices. The acting and movement is strong and the commitment palpable. The writing offers the audience participation on many levels. It is dynamic and engaging and can just be accepted at face value, or, like a good piece of poetry, can allude to deeper issues.” – Tamara Kamermans for “Enter Alice” as a part of Blackboxfire’s Emerging Artist Festival

“So much talent, so much vibrant artistic life…a close–knit force of 20–somethings as capable as anything you could imagine…an unexpectedly mature work of art.” – Tom Mackan for “Breathe”

“Drafts, the work of emerging playwright-director Aaron Jan is must-see stuff. If you want to see the face of the future, Drafts is it…..There’s never an untrue moment in this sometimes naïve yet ingratiating look at youth, love, life and not going home again….This Fulcrum Theatre production will give you a taste of talent bursting at the seams. ” – Gary Smith for “Drafts”

“Tickets are going to fly for this production, so get out there and line up early. This is one of the best productions at The Citadel Theatre space.” – Jason Dick

“Drafts should not be missed. It’s full of talent, creativity and the tightness that only a well-rehearsed and well-loved show has.” – Crystal Jonasson


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