Hamilton Spectator Review

“Fortunately, Here is superbly acted by a fine young cast led by the impeccable Jacqueline Byers who finds every nuance, every shade of meaning in Emily, a dancer sidetracked from her great love. Byers has a natural quality so that even when the lines she speaks seem trivial and piffling she makes them work. Gregory Solomon as a would-be filmmaker is excellent. Jessie Cox as selfish but likable Heather is believable, and Erica Charles and Farhang Ghajar give excellent support.” — Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator. Read more HERE!


Hamilton Fringe Reviews

Reviews are in for Fulcrum Theatre at the Hamilton Fringe!


“…[Director Aaron Jan] is a deep mine of creative writing talent and has a healthy command of theatre and its skills. He is similarly able to attract some of the best acting, choreographic, and technical talent in the area.” – Tom Mackan, read more here.

“It’s a play that falls squarely into the ‘living and dying for your art’ tradition of dance stories, though it’s more The Red Shoes than Black Swan in that regard- it succeeds in being both creative and staying grounded.” – Steven Spriensma, read more here

“…a really tight execution of a strong but simple script. They weave a few stories together in front of you, and their intersections are powerful, sometimes unexpected, but always executed seamlessly.” – Gord Simmons, read more here

Review by Mooney on Theatre

We’ve got our first review! Check out Ashima Suri’s review on Mooney on Theatre:

Here has all the ingredients of a great play. It has the drama, the dance, the romance, the betrayal, the flashbacks and so much more … if you are looking to watch a feel good play that will take you back you in time and have you reflecting on your past (in a good way), then add Here to your must see 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival list!”



HERE Soundtrack Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for the soundtrack to Here are now available! HERE features original compositions by Spencer Creaghan and Jake Butineau and will be available in full June 25th. You can preview the new soundtrack on Spencer’s Bandcamp page here.

You can also order the soundtrack from last year’s production of Drafts for just five dollars here.

Here we go!

The following is a guest post by performer Erica Charles. Erica plays Esther in Fulcrum’s 2013 Fringe production of Here, opening in just under a month! To see the rest this article, hit “continue reading.”

Hey everyone! As many of you know, I’ve been super fortunate to have been cast in a pretty darn neat show called Here by Fulcrum Theatre being staged at both the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe festivals this July. As this is probably the most extensive performance event of which I have ever been a part, I figured I’d start this blogging to sort of basically document my experience as an actor in the company (taking note of any hilarious moments that occur along the way). This first entry is sort of an intro into how I got ‘here’ in the first place (yeah, these will never stop) and what our company is up to one month before we open in Toronto! Continue reading