Past Productions

DRAFTS : An experimental piece of theatre about validation, connections and moving on. Using a fusion of ensemble-based choreography, movement, music and text, Drafts is a love story that explores the rejection, obsessions and bonds that come with the journey of the emerging artist. Originally mentored and workshopped by Lauren Brotman as a part of the 2012 Paprika Festival in Toronto, “Drafts” asks its audience why – at the very end of it all – “we do what we do.”

Drafts was presented at the Citadel Theatre located at 28 Rebecca St. in Hamilton, Ontario, from July 20th to 29th, 2012 as part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

The ensemble included: Greg Solomon, Kate Riddell, Cameron Buttrum, Greg Waters, Allison Warwick, Laurel Seagram, Stephen Ingram, Stuart Hefford, Marcus Bernacci, Sierra Tischler, and Nicole D’Amato. Drafts was written and directed by Aaron Jan and featured choreography from Cassandra Bowerman and an original soundtrack by Spencer Creaghan and Jake Butineau.

  • VIDEO: Rehearsal Footage of The Wolf, a dance sequence. Featuring Kate Riddell and Cameron Buttrum.
  • PHOTOS: Tech Rehearsal of Drafts at Hamilton Fringe 2012 on Facebook.
  • PHOTOS: Miscellaneous photos of Drafts rehearsing in 2012 on Facebook.

Jean Anouilh’s ANTIGONE : Following a brutal civil war, Thebes sits in near-political ruin. With both heirs to its throne dead, the new king passes a controversial law: anyone who buries the corpse of the invading heir will be put to death. However, one person stands in his way: his own niece, Antigone. A modern adaptation of Sophocles’ famous Greek tragedy.

Antigone was presented at the Lyric Theatre in Hamilton from August 18th to the 26th, 2012.


Chorus/Polynices: Adam Bromley
Antigone: Rachel Estok
Creon: James Thomas
Nurse: Cassandra Bowerman
Ismene: Krista McNaughton
Haemon: Devin France
First Guard: Marcus Bernacci
Second Guard: Michael Kras
Third Guard: Daniel Krmptonic
Page: Philip Krusto

Antigone was directed by Aaron Jan and featured music by Spencer Creaghan.

  • PHOTOS: Promotional photos of Antigone at the Lyric Theatre on Facebook.

Art by Matt Crans

BREATHE: A story about wingmen, liars and failed dreamers. Breathe is the story of what happens when we’re knocked down a few pegs and the journey of moving on. Set in the worst city ever, Breathe asks the question: “Who are we and why are we moving so freaking fast? What happens when we just look up and breathe?

Breathe ran at the Staircase Theatre from August 25th to 27th, 2011.

Cast included Scott Beaudin, Alisha Ferreira, Vivi Foster, Stuart Hefford, Taylor Mcphaden, Alex Smith-Eivemark, Rachel Vanduzer and Beth Warcholak.

Breathe was written and directed by Aaron Jan with Michael Kras as assistant director. Breathe featured choreography by Cassandra Bowerman and Cameron Buttrum and live music by Greg Solomon.


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